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Hot Shot Delivery has spent more than 30 years building a reputation in the same-day packaging industry, setting the standard for high-quality same-day delivery services. A fast-growing and award-winning company, we have expanded our line of delivery and logistics services while still maintaining the same level of reliable service. Through attention to detail and prompt and effective problem resolution, Hot Shot strives to go above and beyond what you expect of a courier.

Hot Shot’s solid reputation within the industry has enabled us to grow steadily while retaining a diverse roster of clients. As a SmartWay Transport Partner, we strategically plan our routes to minimize environmental impact ― and save our clients time and money in the process. We remain committed to developing and maintaining our relationships with clients by investing in top-of-the-line technology and carefully selecting the best drivers and couriers. We participate in a number of professional organizations and are members of the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA), Express Carriers Association (ECA), Texas Courier and Logistics Association and Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA).


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Management Team

John Oren

John Oren CEO

John founded Eastway Delivery in Houston, Texas in 1977. The company expanded throughout the Southwest becoming the Eastway Group of Companies. The Eastway Group provided same-day express delivery and distribution services. In 1994, Mr. Oren became a Founder of U.S. Delivery Systems, Inc., (NYSE – “DLV”) and integrated his company into this business. U.S. Delivery Systems became the largest same-day express delivery service in North American with revenues over $900m.

John served as a Partner at Notre Capital Ventures US from 1997 through 2000. While at Notre Capital, Mr. Oren Founded Transportation Components, USA (NYSE – “TUI”) a national distributor of heavy-duty truck parts. In 2000, he founded Roadlink USA, which became the largest intermodal trucking company in America. Roadlink was successfully sold to Fenway Partners in 2006. In 2002, OMV acquired Charles W Carter, Red Line Automotive, Standard Motors, and Marine and L&D Battery in Hawaii. OMV integrated these businesses and sold the successful enterprise to NAPA Auto Parts in 2007.

In 1998, OMV acquired several transportation related businesses in Houston, Texas and integrated them into the Pinch Group. In 2008, The Pinch Group sold Pinch Air Expedited, Pinch Transportation, and Pinch Distribution to Forward Air, Inc., a large publicly traded transportation concern. Today, OMV owns and operates Pinch Flatbed, Inc., PBC Logistics, LLC, PSI Frac Logistics, LLC, and SandBox Logistics, LLC, TUYA and Hot Shot Final Mile.

Tobias Read

Tobias Read EVP

As Executive Vice President, Tobias is fully accountable for all aspects of building, operating and growing Hot Shot Final Mile.

He brings to the company a distinguished career of executive management, having been the Chief Executive of four companies in the last fifteen years. His accomplishments include numerous mergers and acquisitions, most recently the building of Airswift, the largest provider of engineering outplacement to the global Oil & Gas industry.

Tobias has an impressive record of fast growth and enhancing company value. Spanning a wide range of industries, he has provided world class leadership and direction to companies in all stages of growth, development and market presence.

Steve Blum

Steve Blum CEO

Prior to joining Hot Shot Final Mile, Steve was involved in the formation and management of several startup operations in healthcare, entertainment and distribution. He has also held management roles in acquisitions, business development, accounting and finance with several public companies.

Most recently Steve served as the EVP and was a founder of a genetic testing laboratory with operations in Houston and Honolulu. Steve led the acquisition effort and daily management of several wholesale and retail auto parts businesses in the Hawaiian Islands that were later successfully sold to a large national automotive parts retailer. Steve also served as senior vice president of corporate development with TransCom USA. He was a senior vice president with Notre Capital Ventures, specializing in the consolidation of highly fragmented industries. Steve was manager of acquisitions for US Delivery Systems (NYSE – “DLV”) where he was instrumental in the acquisition of 73 delivery companies across the United States.

Charles Davenport

Charles Davenport Director - Ops

Charlie is a veteran of the same day delivery industry with more than thirty years of owner/operator experience. In 1983 he co-founded Austin Delivery Service, which he later sold to Eastway Delivery. Charles continued to operate the business and in 1994 participated in the formation of US Delivery which became the largest same day delivery company in the country.

In 2007 he joined ExtremeTix, a leading-edge Internet Ticketing and event services company where he managed and grew the company’s key account portfolio. Most recently he operated B-Line Delivery in the capacity of General Manager.

He has extensive knowledge of the entire logistics industry including intermodal, LTL, pool distribution and truck-load freight. In his leadership roles he has worked extensively with Independent Contractors and is well positioned to ensure that Hot Shot Final Mile attracts and retains the best and most qualified drivers in our service areas. Charles attended Sam Houston State University.

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