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Logistics Services

Your partner for cross-dock, sort & segregate, storage, and other value-added services

Warehousing & Logistics Services

At Hot Shot Final Mile, we provide a variety of value-added warehousing & logistics services to assist our customers with inventory management. Our knowledgeable operators, 300,000 square feet of warehouse space across Texas, and a fleet of over 250 Delivery Professionals with the proper experience, expertise, and range of vehicle types make us a natural partner to help our customers.

Markets we serve

Hot Shot Final Mile has the scale and expertise to be your one-stop shop for warehousing & logistics services in Texas.

Services we offer:

  • Cross-docking and co-packing services
  • Sort & segregate
  • Pick-and-pack
  • Part pulling and order fulfillment
  • Break bulk
  • Bulk & small pallet storage
  • Logistics management (distribution) services
  • Critical parts management
  • Quality control inspections
  • 24/7 video surveillance

the hot shot advantage

Customer Service
Reliability & Customer Service
  • Best-in-class on time percentages
  • Dependability and attention to detail, which reduces your total cost of ownership by eliminating errors
  • Strong safety track record
  • Secure warehousing with 24/7 video surveillance
  • Tracking of shipments and proof of delivery with email notifications to give you peace of mind
  • Track record of going above and beyond, 24/7, 365
  • 300,000 square feet of warehouse space across Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin
  • Large fleet of two and one-man teams with the right equipment (e.g., bobtails with liftgates, sprinter vans, pickup trucks, dollies) to serve large and small customers
  • Scale across Texas to be your one-stop shop, substantially reducing administrative complexity and wasted time
  • Formalized driver program with a Dedicated Lead and backed by a Learning Management System to ensure a best-in-class fleet of one and two-man teams
  • Decades of experience from executives to the frontline
  • Warehouse personnel experienced across a wide variety of value-added services to ensure high service levels
  • Effective scheduling and routing driven by technology and experienced operators to support cost-effective logistics solutions
  • Proven Delivery Professionals with the training and professionalism to ensure quality deliveries every time

Customer Support:

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