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Warehouse Availability in Austin

Get Full-Service Warehouse space in Austin, TX today!

Freeport Tech Center South 3
6320 East Stassney Lane Building 2, Ste 275, Austin, TX 78744

Freeport Tech Center South 3 Highlights

  • Bulk Warehouse Building
  • 56′ x 210′ Average Bay Size
  • 52′ x 54′ Column Spacing
  • Triple Freeport Tax Exempt
  • 32′ Clear Height
  • Rear Loading, 31 Dock High Doors
  • Ability to Add Loading Ramps

Warehouse Services We Provide

E-commerce is driving unprecedented growth in final mile delivery and has introduced challenges throughout the logistics value chain. Consumers expect speed and exceptional customer experience.  At Hot Shot Final Mile, we deliver on both of these and have earned the trust of our customers (e.g., 3PLs, LTLs, FTLs, retailers) as a result.

Cross Docking Services: Unlock the power of efficiency with our fast and easy cross dock services!   Time is of the essence, and our cross-docking services are tailored to meet the need for speed.  Cost effectiveness is at the core of our services.  We believe in providing value without compromising quality.   From specialized handling to open bays with no wait time, we offer a range of services customizable to fit your specific requirements.
Freight Rework:

When your freight requires repackaging, labeling, assembly, or quality inspections, HSFM’s freight rework services step in to handle all the necessary adjustments. Our dedicated team guarantees that your products will meet the requisite standards and specifications, ready for distribution without delay.

Flexible Storage Options: Whether you need short-term overflow relief or long-term storage, HSFM has the facilities to accommodate your inventory safely and securely. Our flexible terms mean you can scale your storage space up or down based on seasonal demands or market shifts, with the assurance that your goods are well-managed by our warehousing experts.

At HSFM, we understand loads can be unpredictable, and we are ready to resolve your emergency re-work needs.   We provide swift and efficient freight reworking services to minimize your downtime.   Our team of skilled professionals excels in reworking services, ensuring damaged or improperly loaded goods are corrected and ready for onward transport.

We specialize in pallet re-work, re-build, and break bulk operations. If your products are beyond salvageable, count on us for responsible and environmentally friendly disposal services.   Need cargo rearranged for optimal storage and transportation, we can handle it and accommodate your short-term storage needs.

Austin Warehouse Highlights

  • 6 dock doors
  • 1 Drive up Ramp
  • Warehouse is 19,250 square feet
  • Equipped with full coverage surveillance system

Floor Plan

Site Plan


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