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Scheduled Delivery Services

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and flexibility are key. Scheduled delivery services offer a solution for those who want to receive their packages at a specific time that fits their busy schedules.

What is Scheduled Delivery?

Scheduled delivery is a option that allows you to choose a specific date and time window for your package to arrive. This differs from standard shipping, where the delivery window is broader, and the exact arrival time is unknown. Scheduled delivery services provide more control and predictability, ensuring you’re available to receive your package and avoid missed deliveries.

Hot Shot Final Mile offers same day scheduled delivery service or you can preschedule your delivery in advance. We also offer recurring scheduled delivery allowing you to customize the cadence and deliveries. Scheduled reoccurring deliveries can be set up on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly frequency. Have the same pick-up and delivery every Tuesday and Thursday? We got you covered! From a pallet, to a box, or an envelope Hot Shot Final Mile is ready to handle all your scheduled delivery needs.

How Does Scheduled Delivery Work?

Here is a breakdown of the typical scheduled delivery process:

Place Your Order and Select Your Delivery Timeframe – Hot Shot Final Mile offers a variety of service levels allowing you the flexibility to schedule a delivery around your schedule. We provide dependable, on time, delivery day or night. To place an order, please call us at:
Austin: 512-291-6378
Dallas: 972-235-5050
Houston: 713-869-7575
San Antonio: 210-877-6161
Confirmation and Tracking – For your convenience, we offer delivery tracking. You can receive email notifications for each stage of the delivery process, providing complete peace of mind.

Who Can Benefit from Scheduled Delivery Services?

Scheduled delivery offers advantages for most individuals and businesses: By having a scheduled delivery with us, we can guarantee your delivery will be executed without fail.

Busy Professionals – No more waiting around all day for a package to arrive. Schedule your delivery when you are at home or the office, ensuring you can receive it conveniently.
People with Specific Needs – If you have mobility limitations or require assistance receiving packages, scheduling your delivery allows you to make arrangements beforehand and ensure someone is available to help.
Businesses – Scheduled delivery can be crucial for businesses that require specific materials or equipment at a certain time for operations or appointments. For instance, a medical facility might need medications or supplies delivered precisely before a scheduled procedure. Restaurants can leverage scheduled deliveries to ensure fresh ingredients arrive exactly when needed, minimizing spoilage and optimizing inventory management.

Benefits of Scheduled Delivery for Businesses

Beyond convenience, scheduled deliveries offer significant advantages for businesses of all sizes:

Improved Operational Efficiency –By receiving materials and equipment exactly when needed, businesses can streamline workflows and avoid delays. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced operational costs.
Enhanced Inventory Management – Scheduled deliveries allow businesses to maintain optimal inventory levels. They can precisely plan for incoming deliveries, ensuring they have the necessary stock on hand without the risk of overstocking or running out of essential supplies.
Increased Customer Satisfaction – For businesses that provide installation services, scheduled deliveries ensure a smoother customer experience. Customers know exactly when to expect their products and can plan accordingly, reducing frustration and missed appointments.

The Future of Scheduled Delivery

The future of scheduled delivery services is brimming with exciting possibilities:

Same-Day Scheduled Deliveries

Hot Shot Final Mile specializes in rush same day delivery service. If you have an urgent or last-minute delivery need, Hot Shot Final Mile is ready. You are in control of your delivery and can schedule custom pick up and drop off times based around your schedule. We can easily accommodate scheduled same-day delivery of pallets, boxes, packages, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the scheduled delivery date or time?

Absolutely, you have the availability to modify your scheduled delivery windows. Due to the fast-paced nature of same day delivery, we ask that you provide at least a 3 hour notice for any scheduling updates.

Can I schedule multiple deliveries on different dates?

Yes, you can schedule multiple deliveries for different dates. The process typically involves placing separate orders and selecting your preferred delivery window for each order. Businesses can leverage scheduled deliveries to manage their inventory and receive regular shipments of essential supplies on a consistent basis with our prescheduled recurring delivery options.

Can I track my scheduled delivery?

Absolutely! Hot Shot Final Mile can keep you updated with every step of the delivery process. Receive email notifications for each stage of the delivery, providing you complete peace of mind.

Are you ready to get your scheduled delivery placed?

Give us a call today!

Austin: 512-291-6378
Dallas: 972-235-5050
Houston: 713-869-7575
San Antonio: 210-877-6161

Have more questions?

Reach out to our team at and one of our friendly representatives will assist you with any questions, concerns, or more complex delivery needs you may have.

the hot shot advantage

Customer Service
Reliability & Customer Service
  • Attention to detail and careful handling, which reduces your total cost of ownership by reducing claims and returns
  • Technology to optimize scheduling (e.g., SMS and email with the consignee) and communication throughout the delivery process
  • Experienced CSRs to provide best-in-class service to you and your customers (i.e., the consignee)
  • Consistent updating of your delivery portal to give you full transparency of where the delivery is and when it will be delivered
  • 300,000 square feet of warehouse space across Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin
  • Large fleet of two and one-man teams with the right equipment (e.g., bobtails with liftgates, dollies) to serve large and small customers
  • Scale across Texas to be your one-stop shop, substantially reducing administrative complexity and wasted time
  • Formalized driver program with a Dedicated Lead and backed by a Learning Management System to ensure a best-in-class fleet of one and two-man teams
  • Decades of experience from executives to the frontline
  • Effective scheduling and routing to reduce dwell times and accelerate delivery to the consignee
  • Experienced warehouse personnel to efficiently and effectively unload and load at our warehouses, saving 3PL / LTL / FTL truck drivers time and minimizing damage
  • Proven Delivery Professionals with the training, proper equipment and professionalism to treat your customers as you would

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