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Medical Supplies Courier & Delivery Services

In today’s fast-paced medical environment, ensuring the timely and secure delivery of critical medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, medications, specimens, samples, surgical instruments and more is paramount. Hot Shot Final Mile is your trusted partner for reliable medical courier and delivery services across Texas. We specialize in on-time on-demand deliveries, getting the medical supplies and equipment you need exactly where they need to be when they need to be there.

Same-Day Medical Courier Services

Whether you require urgent delivery of pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments, and other medical equipment to arrive at a clinic within a specific timeframe, Hot Shot Final Mile can handle it. We offer a variety of flexible delivery windows ranging from ASAP to 4+ hours, allowing you to choose the service that best meets your needs.

Our dedicated team understands the critical nature of medical deliveries and works tirelessly to ensure your supplies arrive quickly and safely. We are here when you need us, as operations run 24/7/365.

What We Deliver!

Hot Shot Final Mile has the expertise and experience to transport a wide range of medical supplies, equipment, and materials:

Specimen Samples – Timely delivery of blood samples, biopsies, and other specimens is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Our reliable services ensure samples arrive at laboratories intact and within the required timeframe.
Medical Supplies and Equipment – From bandages and syringes to complex medical devices, we deliver a comprehensive range of medical supplies and equipment needed in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.
Pharmaceutical Drugs and Medications – Safe and secure delivery of pharmaceuticals and medications is essential. When needed, we can provide temperature-controlled transport options to maintain the integrity of these sensitive items.
Biotechnology Products – The timely delivery of cutting-edge biotechnology products is crucial for research and development in the medical field. Hot Shot Final Mile ensures these products reach their destination securely.
Surgical Supplies – Sterile surgical instruments and other supplies are vital for surgical procedures. Our dedicated drivers ensure these items arrive at the operating room on time and in pristine condition.
Medical Records and Paperwork – Secure transportation of medical records and paperwork is essential for patient care and regulatory compliance. We offer secure delivery options to protect confidential patient information.
And More! – If you need medical delivery, do not hesitate to contact us!

How do Our Medical Deliveries work?

Experience the Hot Shot Final Mile difference:

Unmatched Speed & Reliability – We prioritize speed and on-time delivery, ensuring your medical supplies arrive when you need them most.
Expert Handling – Our drivers are extensively trained in the proper handling of medical supplies, minimizing the risk of damage and contamination.
24/7/365 Difference – We are available around the clock to answer your questions, address any concerns, and provide real-time updates on your deliveries.
Seamless Online Management – Our user-friendly online platform allows you to schedule deliveries, track shipments, access invoices, and manage your account easily.
Customizable Invoicing – Streamline your paperwork with department-specific billing options, saving you valuable time and resources.
Delivery Updates & Transparency – Receive email notifications for each stage of the delivery process, providing complete peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do medical deliveries need STAT shipping services?

Not all medical deliveries require the urgency of STAT (urgent) services. However, at Hot Shot Final Mile, we understand that timeliness is often critical in healthcare. We offer a variety of delivery window options to suit your needs. Our team can also prioritize critical deliveries to ensure they arrive as quickly as possible.

Are there any specific rules that apply to the courier delivery of medical supplies?

Yes, there can be specific regulations depending on the type of medical supplies being transported. These regulations may govern areas like packaging, labeling, temperature control, and documentation. Our experienced team is knowledgeable about these regulations and will ensure your deliveries are compliant.

Are temperature-controlled transport options available for sensitive medical items like pharmaceuticals?

Absolutely! We understand that certain medical supplies, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and blood products, require specific temperature ranges to maintain their efficacy. Hot Shot Final Mile has a variety of delivery containers equipped with temperature-controlled compartments to ensure the integrity of these sensitive items throughout the entire delivery process.

We stock dry ice in-house and have specialized transportation containers to accommodate   specimens that must remain frozen.  We can also provide containers with cold temperature storage for blood and other specimen transport.  We know how important adhering to the proper temperature specifications is in maintaining specimen quality and you can count Hot Shot Final Mile to safely handle all your medical delivery needs. 

Our drivers are also trained in proper temperature monitoring procedures, providing an extra layer of security.

How do I schedule a medical courier delivery with Hot Shot Final Mile?

Scheduling a medical courier delivery with Hot Shot Final Mile is easy and convenient. Here are the ways you can get started:

  • Visit our website and use our user-friendly online booking system. Simply provide details about your delivery, including the pick-up and drop-off locations, the type of medical supplies, and your preferred delivery window. 
  • Phone Call: Our representatives are available 24/7 to discuss your needs, answer your questions, and provide a personalized quote.
  • You can reach our offices at the following numbers:
  • Austin 512-382-5984
  • Dallas 972-235-5050
  • Houston 713-869-7575
  • San Antonio 210-877-6161
  • Contact Form: Fill out our online contact form with your delivery request details. A member of our team will promptly get in touch with you to discuss your specific needs and provide a quote.

What service areas do medical courier services cover in Texas?

Hot Shot Final Mile is proud to serve the major metropolitan areas of Texas, ensuring you have access to reliable medical courier services wherever you are located. Our extensive network covers Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio and surrounding areas.

the hot shot advantage

Customer Service
Reliability & Customer Service
  • Attention to detail and careful handling, which reduces your total cost of ownership by reducing claims and returns
  • Technology to optimize scheduling (e.g., SMS and email with the consignee) and communication throughout the delivery process
  • Experienced CSRs to provide best-in-class service to you and your customers (i.e., the consignee)
  • Consistent updating of your delivery portal to give you full transparency of where the delivery is and when it will be delivered
  • 300,000 square feet of warehouse space across Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin
  • Large fleet of two and one-man teams with the right equipment (e.g., bobtails with liftgates, dollies) to serve large and small customers
  • Scale across Texas to be your one-stop shop, substantially reducing administrative complexity and wasted time
  • Formalized driver program with a Dedicated Lead and backed by a Learning Management System to ensure a best-in-class fleet of one and two-man teams
  • Decades of experience from executives to the frontline
  • Effective scheduling and routing to reduce dwell times and accelerate delivery to the consignee
  • Experienced warehouse personnel to efficiently and effectively unload and load at our warehouses, saving 3PL / LTL / FTL truck drivers time and minimizing damage
  • Proven Delivery Professionals with the training, proper equipment and professionalism to treat your customers as you would

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